Redirect from one app in Maximo to another

Hi All,
This is my first post and you can expect many more in days to come.
If you are in Workorder and want to send the user to another application if a user clicks some Select Action or any such menu we can do that by writing the following three lines in the code:

WebClientEvent newEvent = new WebClientEvent(“changeapp”,,”receipts”,null,null,null,selectedMbo.getUniqueIDValue(),this.clientSession);



 The constructor for creating this event being used is:

psdi.webclient.system.controller.WebClientEvent.WebClientEvent(String type, String targetId, Object value, String row, String additionalEvent, String additionalEventValue, long uniqueid, WebClientSession wcs)

As you can see is we can give an additionalEvent which can be “sqlwhere” which forwards the user to the search page of Receipts Application.




7 thoughts on “Redirect from one app in Maximo to another

    1. admin Post author

      You need to put additional parameter:


      So, in case of ticket appliation it will be ticketuid

  1. Eman

    great work… its been a great help so far but how do you call up a method (let’s say creating a new record in the users application) after being redirected… I was able to call the users application with the help of the codes that you had given but I can’t manage to have it make a new record… All in all is it possible for me to have my application redirected to a new record with blank fields… Thanks in advance for your reply…

  2. John

    I added the Additional Event “insert” so that the application creates a new record. How will I be able to use the fields from the previous application as parameters to the redirected application?


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