Fast Deployment on Websphere

Hi All,

I use this technique and I am sure many developers must be using on WebSphere.

The problem is when we are working on MBO’s or UI classes on WebSphere, the time it takes to rebuild ear and redeploy, stop/start server and after all this finding that the code did not work correctly is very disappointing.

What I do is as follows:

1) Firstly, do not execute the build script in entirety but just execute the “businessObjectsBuild” target. This will ensure that businessobject.jar is created in deploymentdefaulttemp directory and the temp directory will not be deleted.

2) Copy this businessobject.jar in your WebSphere directory “profilesserver_nameinstalledAppsMaximo.ear”.

3) Just restart the server and we are done. We saved time by not rebuilding the EAR and redeploying.

For any UI class, it even simpler, just compile and copy the class in “profilesserver_nameinstalledAppsMaximo.earmaximouiweb.war”. You will be logged out of Maximo and just relogin and you can see the changes instantly.




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