Fixed: Create iframe control in Maximo 7


I found many users are having the problem when they embed an iFrame in a section as per the post on:

That post is very useful to many of us but some of us faced a problem like it was appending:


The solution is very simple, just remove all the ” from the below iFrame and it works:



Thats it 🙂




9 thoughts on “Fixed: Create iframe control in Maximo 7

  1. Quoc

    Have you tried iFrame with Launch-in-context? It appears that with this iframe setting, the URL is fixed.

  2. Russ

    Does anybody know how to add an argument to the search in the iframe – e.g. if I search for a work order, find it in the list, then go to the embedded web page – how do I bring the work order into the iframe google search?

  3. mirws

    Hi there..
    Thanks for your posting here.. it is a great tricks 🙂
    I just wondering how can we pass a maximo record data to the Iframe??? Does anybody know it?
    I think it will resolve some issue that sometime we dont need advance customization and IFrame will be the solution.

    1. Aniruddh Post author

      For passing data one way is to add another parameter to the iFrame control and will involve some custom code to the iframe.jsp and control java file.

  4. Kumar

    I have a requirement where I need to post xml data to a site. This site will overlap the maximo site, next when user is done with this site then I need to bring back the data from this site to Maximo. I have figured out on how to get the response data and process it in maximo but not able to figure out to move to new site then come back to Maximo once user is done. Any suggestion will be helpful. I know that frame control can redirect the site but how do I get the response data back.


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