Multilevel Relationships in Maximo


Just a quick tip.

We can have multi level relationships in Maximo.

Lets say you want to show Route Stop description in Work Order:

Following are the relationships:


Child: ROUTE

Relationship Name: ROUTES

And the second one is:

Parent: ROUTE


Relationship Name: ROUTE_STOP

So, the way we can show ROUTE_STOP description in Work Order is:


The way maximo resolves is from left to right, so the first relation output is the inpput for the next one.

Thought it might help if everyone is not already aware of it đŸ™‚






3 thoughts on “Multilevel Relationships in Maximo

  1. Brian

    This is great information, but could you be more clear on the steps taken? Is this a new relationship on the ROUTES mbo? Do we add ROUTES.ROUTE_STOP.Description to an existing relationship where clause? I have tested a few different options, but none have worked. Thanks in advance.

    1. admin Post author

      What I am trying to show here is you can have following:


      Relationship1 returns a child MBO which acts as a parent for resolving relationship2 and child of that can be used.

      You can use this in any maximo scenario but bear in mind that relationship1 should return a child which in turn should be the parent for relationship2 for this to work.

      Just read through the post again and you will get it.

  2. Rustam

    Hello Admin ,
    I have tables table1 and table2.
    we have unique id (un_id1) in the table1 and unique id (un_id2) in the table2.
    But un_id2 is repeating many time for each un_id1 examples:
    table1: table2:
    un_id1 un_id2 un_id2 username address
    1 5 4 user1 aaaa
    2 5 5 user2 bbbbbbb

    My question is how i can create relationship from table1 to table2 .
    I create relationship with condition as un_id2=:un_id2. when i use in the application relationship.username it shows me null information.
    How i can use multiple relationship in my situation? Or there is not needed multiple relationship?
    Please give your comments for my situations.
    Thank you in advance.


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