Identifying properties which can be controlled using Conditional UI


Lets say you want to change the default behavior of a control used in Maximo UI using conditional UI, how do you identify which property is supported by which control?

Lets say which properties can be controlled for a textbox?

The answer to this question is very simple. Just go to the following xml file:


Find whichever control you want to manage using Conditional UI, search by term name=”textbox” for a textbox and so on and so forth and you will come across all the properties supported by this control and use them on your conditional ui screen like inputmode=readonly.

Thats it, so easy and we do not have to remember anything 🙂 everything’s there in that control-registry.xml file.



Aniruddh Panvalkar


2 thoughts on “Identifying properties which can be controlled using Conditional UI

  1. epselon1

    Useful info … how do you know which are the valid property value. For e,g, inputmode property can take values like readonly, password etc. What happen if I made a typo and instead of readonly -> readanly. What happens then? I would be better to have list of all possible values a property can take. Any idea?


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