Conditional Domains explained………


Consider the following scenario:

You want to add a new status for Workorder which is a Synonym for an existing one. This status is only visible based on a certain Work Type.

This looks very simple but there is just one small trick we need to achieve this.

First create the condition in Conditional Expression application as below:


Go to Domains application and add the new status in WOSTATUS domain. Lets call this as “REVW”.

In View Modify conditions select the condition which checks the worktype as per below screenshot. When you test you will get an error “WorkType” attribute not found. The trick is to add a field WORKTYPE to WOCHANGESTATUS table. Because, when this condition is used on selecting the status ABC it also tries to validate on the dialog table which in this case is a non-persistent table called WOCHANGESTATUS. Let me know if you have any questions.




3 thoughts on “Conditional Domains explained………

  1. Nobody123

    I try to make worklog entries writeable in case of the log type using the conditional UI but it doesn’t work because the Description-Field is set ReadOnly in the init() methode of the Mbo.

    Is there a way to make description writeable without java customizations?
    Best Regards!

  2. Sudipto

    Hi ,

    can we populate table domain value on a condition basis?
    i habe to write a condition on company attribute in PR.
    The requirement is when a new pr will be created user has to fill up 3 check box first.Now if the result comes true then they will see some specific company from company table..
    If the condition is false then they will see the entire company value!!!

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for the delay I was unavailable for a few months.

      I am sure you have found the answer if not please let me know and I will get back to you.

      The way I see this is write a field validatoin class for company field which extends MAXTableDomain.

      Override getList and in that check whether those three checkboxes have been checked and filter accordingly.



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