New Applications in Maximo 7.5

New applications

Maximo® Asset Management 7.5 has many new applications which work, along with existing applications, to make the user experience easier and more efficient than ever.

Asset Templates

Use the Asset Templates applicationto specify common asset information that you can then apply to multiple assets.

  • Create multiple assets.
  • Update multiple existing assets.

Automation Scripts

Use the new Automation Scripts applicationto create and configure scripts that automate routine tasks, without deploying Java files or restarting the server.

  • Wizards guide you through configuring scripts that run based on different launch points. The launch points include object events or attributes, actions, or custom conditions.
  • Declare variables for the script in the application instead of in the source code. With variables, the code is simpler and easier to reuse in different launch contexts.

Inventory Usage

The new Inventory Usage applicationreplaces the Issues and Transfers application.

  • Create inventory usage records to track the issue, transfer, and return of inventory items within and across organizations.
  • Monitor the balances of inventory items and tools in storerooms and bins.
  • Transfer inventory items or tools between storerooms within an organization by creating shipment records.

Migration Collections

Use the new Migration Collections applicationto simplify the migration of configuration content.

  • Import or export the information in migration collections for management in external systems, such as version control systems.

Report Viewer

With the Report Viewer application, you can email a report to a URL instead of receiving the file.

  • Click the URL in the email attachment to see the individual report.
  • Regularly clear out the reports by using the new cron task.

Service Groups

Use the Service Groups applicationto define all the services that you provide or procure. You create a service group for each type of service that you define.

  • Group tickets, work orders, and contracts by service group or individual service.
  • Create service level agreements for a service group or for a combination of service group and service.
  • Associate a specific asset, asset type, or location with a service or service group.

Service Level Agreements

Use the Service Level Agreements applicationand escalation functionality to manage and meet the commitments in a service level agreement.

  • An escalation is a function that automatically monitors critical processes.
  • A service level agreement can have multiple commitments, each with its own escalation points.

Shipment Receiving

The new Shipment Receiving applicationis in the Inventory module and the Purchasing module.

  • Create shipment receipt records to log the receipt of transferred inventory items at the destination storeroom.
  • Monitor the balance of received items and adjust the totals and status in inventory usage records.
  • Specify that an inspection is required when inventory items are received. You can specify an inspection status for shipment receipt records.
  • Void shipment receipt records.


Aniruddh Panvalkar


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  1. Ricardo Moreira

    Hi, I’m looking for some presentation about the utilization of Maximo and Microsoft Projects.



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