Rapid deployment in Websphere environment


I am sure most of us have gone through this.

Consider the development environment or your local machine has WebSphere as the application server.

To rebuild and redeploy on WS environment takes up lot of time and effort.

Ofcourse the easiest and one of the faster ways to deploy is running sync-websphere-maximo.cmd.

What I use is an even faster approach. I just copy paste any files in maximouiweb.war directory in installedApps directory.

In case of business objects, I unzip businessobjects.jar in a folder by the same name “businessobjects.jar”, and then on just copy paste changed class files and restart Websphere.

Using this approach I do not have to redeploy, rebuild any jar or war. Just copy changed classes from Eclipse bin folder.

It saves lot of time and during the development phase you can focus more on coding rather than the tedious task of deployment.


Note: This approach is only recommended for dev environments and that too only for developers.


2 thoughts on “Rapid deployment in Websphere environment

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  2. amir

    Hi ,
    Just simple update ..
    you can use winrar to import your files into businessobject.jar.
    you don’t need to extract the whole files and recreate the jar again.



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